Getting Started

the club hanging_JPGFencing is for everyone! Whether you are 6 years old, or 66 years old Fencers Club of Arizona is a great way to get started in the sport of fencing. While the club competes nationally and internationally, everyone has to start somewhere. FCAZ is ready to help you get started. We have a very active group of boys and girls who fence on a regular basis. They range from grade school through high school and demonstrate a wide range of skill and experience - from beginners to nationally ranked fencers. Sometimes its not just the students, but their parents also who are learning to fence with them. FCAZ is a teaching club, and works very closely with beginning fencers to assess and develop their skills. Whether it's in group lessons, or private lessons. the coaches know how to teach and communicate in age and skill appropriate ways to maximize the development of every fencer. If you are curious about fencing, or want to get involved, the 3 steps below are the best way to get started.
Step 1: Come Visit the Club FCAZ welcomes visitors! Monday through Wednesday we offer Group Lessons from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM. and on Fridays from 5:00 PM to 6:PM. This is a perfect time to come check us out! We spend time stretching and warming up, and play a game or two get the blood flowing. Then the coaches start working on group drills that allow every fencer to work on the fundamentals.Meet the coaches. They would love to talk to you about fencing, the club or answer any specific questions you might have. Step 2: Sign up for Group Lessons It doesn't matter what your skill level is. Many of our beginning and advanced fencers participate in the Group lessons to develop and refine their fundamental skills. It's the easiest way to start to learn the basics of fencing and decide if this sport is right for you.Don't worry about equipment. The club has all the things you'll need to get started and participate. If you decide you want to get serious about fencing, you'll probably want your own gear, but until then, we've got you covered! Step 3: Participate in Open Fencing Every day, FCAZ offers Open Fencing where the club members fence with each other. Often there is no specific program, but other times they organize into mini-tournaments or set up specific matches to test and challenge their skills. This is a great opportunity to learn the rules of the sport,as well as to develop referee skills - as the fencers all self referee.FCAZ offers an all-electric environment where even the beginning fencer gets to use the same kind of electronic equipment as an Olympic fencer.
If you are an experienced fencer and want to continue your training and development, FCAZ is also for you. The steps above are still a great way to get involved. FCAZ also offers private lessons with our coaches to focus on the skills and training that you need. When you come to the club, mention this, and we'll get you set up to pick up wherever you left off.